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Service sales process

Sales Process Improvements

Selling services is different than selling products. Our expertise with numerous organizations means we know the best practices to optimize your sales efficiency.

The other way to improve the process is by updating or upgrading software systems. Many CRM and ERP systems are not designed for the service business, which typically translates into numerous manual processes. 


Whether you just want to improve the team's efficiency with your current system, or you want to integrate a CPQ system to better quote service, or transition to a new software system, we are here to help you!

System Automations

We help our clients get the most out of their existing systems, and when necessary develop new capabilities to enable their teams' success.

  • Marketing automation is an ideal of way of keeping in close contact with customers. By deploying this technology, a company can inform their customers when the warranty or service plan on their product(s) will expire. There is an opportunity to also use it to remind customers of service visits like preventive maintenance, calibration service, and so on.

  • Auto-populating service in every product quote is the easiest way to get sales teams talking to customers about service at the Point of Sale.

  • Developing eCommerce capabilities is often sold as the ultimate sales efficiency tool. While that can be true, a number of challenges exist when companies try to sell services online. This can be a daunting task and we guide our clients so that they can avoid the many pitfalls from the start.

Our comprehensive approach to project management includes change management and communication, from concept to implementation and beyond. When development support is needed, our team of developers can take on any technical aspect of the project.


Preparing the commercial and service teams also means deploying the appropriate incentives and putting in place control measures to ensure the long term success of the technology implementation.

Systems support your service sales efforts
Sales tools enusres your sales team is prepared to sell service

Sales tools

The benefit of working with us is that we have developed a number of sales tools, and we can adapt them to each client's needs to unleash their sales team's full potential.


  • Service selector tool allows the sales team to identify the service offering that best fits the customer's needs by asking 3 or 4 simple questions.

  • Battle cards are a super simple way to help the sales team to convey the value proposition of the service, inform customers about competitor's service weaknesses or deal with customer objections.

  • Service ROI tool quantifies to a customer in monetary terms what is the return on their investment for a specific service plan.

All the tools above can be developed and deployed relatively quickly and only need a short training session is recommended to prepare the commercial team to use them.

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