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ServiceWise Solutions - Customer Outcomes

Customer Outcomes

Leverage Service to deliver the results customers expect

Services can optimize outcomes by safeguarding equipment uptime, ensuring best-in-class processes are deployed, and staff is trained to operate the equipment efficiently. 

The outcome is what matters to customers

How We Help You Deliver Better Customer Outcomes

Voice of csutomer for service by ServiceWise Solutions

Voice of Customer

Many companies spend a great deal of money and resources to fix problems that only a handful of vocal customers are experiencing instead of the most important problems or the ones that have the greatest impact. A proper Voice of Customer (VoC) for service should identify customers' pain points, confirm the value of existing service features, and narrow down the service delivery gaps. Delivering to customers' expectations may even require developing new capabilities such as application support, product training, digital remote services, etc to deliver what customers' expectations.

Systems and Tools

Gone are the days when Service was just repairs and preventive maintenance. New technology is opening a whole new dimension, and it can enhance customers' outcomes and drive efficiency for the instrument manufacturer. We can guide from a commercial perspective, whether it is about implementing eCommerce, deploying web chat, developing predictive service, adopting Augmented reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), or some other system or tool.

Leverage technology to provide new services and increase your team's efficiency
New services may be needed to deliver to customers' expectations

New Services

While the Voice of Customer (VoC) will help identify the gap(s), but that is only part of the story. One must also understand how much and how often these services are needed, whether it should or not be bundled in a service plan, and how much value the customers place on such services. Most importantly, closing these gaps ensures that customers are getting the most out of the investment they have made in the product.

Service Metrics

Customers' outcomes are often impacted by the Service team's performance and or capabilities. Implementing service metrics will ensure the performance is as expected and allows the company to sound decisions.

Service metrics help you run your service business
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