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Digital Transformation

VR Goggles

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is all around us, from personal assistants, to chat bots, to face recognition and self driving vehicles. The companies that can successfully implement this technology stand to gain tremendous efficiencies.


Most companies rely on multiple systems and their ability to "talk" to each means less manual work. In some cases it may be necessary to migrate to a new system, as the old one became obsolete or no longer fit the needs of the business. 


Virtual reality (VR) and augmented (AR) reality technologies are ideal for creating a bridge between real and digital, which can be used to empower their employees, as well as create new and better customer experiences.


Project Management for Digital Solutions

What sets ServiceWise Solutions apart from most software development companies is our comprehensive, end to end approach, which goes way beyond just development. We are here to provide that essential liaison between the technical and the business needs. Our goal is to develop and implement a complete solution that will include the system(s) and the process(es), which address the clients needs and is embraced by their teams. 

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Project Goals & Objectives

As stated by the ancient roman stoic philosopher Lucius Seneca, "If a man knows not to which port he sails, no wind is favorable". This is why we work with clients to define what they are trying to accomplish and why. Putting in place the metrics that define success before the project starts provides clarity on expectations to all parties involved. 

Project Plan

Once there is clarity as to the purpose of the project, then we work on how we are going to accomplish it. This process involves identifying the different project milestones, the resources, including the individual(s) or team(s) who own or need to support those tasks and a timeline for completion. We also identify the co-dependency, as in some cases a task can only start once one or more other tasks are complete. The end results of this planning process results is a Gantt chart that clearly outlines the critical path for the project.

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Process Mapping (as-is & to-be)

Understanding what and how things are done with an existing system and process is essential to designing and implementing a solution that delivers the expected outcomes for the client. We work in close collaboration with project stakeholders to make sure that process mapping is comprehensive and the proposed solution will deliver as good, if not better results than the existing system and process.

Change Management

Some may organizations fall into the trap of thinking that an executive decision will result in adoption of a new tool or the success of a replacement system. Lack of adoption of digital solutions are more often due to a lack of clarity, communication or engagement, than from the system itself. 

This is the reason why we place a heavy emphasis on change management. Our approach ensures that we identify potential issues before any development even starts. Project stakeholders get to play a pivotal role in every step of the project from day one!

Computer Software Guidance


Yes, a developer built it, but does it work? We believe testing is an integral part of the process and having the people who will use the system involved in the process an absolute must. The testing phase of the project, is where users provide input to developers about the capabilities and performance of the system. It therefore provides an opportunity to make adjustments and improvements to the system before it is launched.  

Implementation & Hypercare

Launching a solution that is embraced by the whole teams requires training and support. And, it doesn't stop there. Even great systems often require adjustments and improvements post-launch. Our support therefore continues as we are committed to success!

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